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Negoro-ji, March 2022

Yesterday, to celebrate Spring, we went to Negoro-gi, the 82nd temple of the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It was actually pretty cold, and I’m still avoiding crowds (so no ferry for me on a holiday).

Negoro-ji is famous for a few things, mostly its Momiji in the Fall. Also, the name Kagawa (fragrant river) comes from a legend associated with the place. A legend in which there’s also the Ushi-oni! (the cow demon).

Negoroji March 2022 1
Beware the Ushi-oni!


As far as taking pictures is concerned, Negoro-ji is an awesome place. First, the Nio are not protected by wire mesh (a lot are, most to prevent birds to make nests there I assume).



Also, most Shikoku Pilgrimage temples are from the Shingon sect of Buddhism, and for some reason, it doesn’t usually allow pictures to be taken indoors. Well, Negoro-ji is from the Tendai sect, which doesn’t seem to have issues with pictures. 🙂


Negoroji March 2022 4


Negoroji March 2022 5


Negoroji March 2022 6


Negoroji March 2022 7


Negoroji March 2022 8


Negoroji March 2022 9
Who are these two kids photobombing my picture?


If you want to see more about Negoro-ji, especially in the Fall, I invite you to rummage through the archives (I realize that I still haven’t posted the pictures I took during my last autumnal trip there) or even better, watch this video that I shot in the Fall of 2020:




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