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Almost Spring in Shikoku Mura

This winter wasn’t very cold, but it was constantly cold. I don’t think we had a single mild day except for maybe last week. Add Covid-19 to the mix, and I spent most of my weekends at home since it got cold.

Well, today, definitely was mild. 22°C! We had to go out. So we did.

Like we often do on the first warm day of the year, we went to Shikoku Mura.

I took a bunch of random pictures, I thought you may like them.

Note that there was a big surprise since the last time we went. Maybe trees have been cut down! Including some pretty big ones. I have no idea why. The “good” side is that now some of the old houses are more prominent in the landscape. The bad side is that they cut a bunch of trees! Why?


I kinda have the feeling that they’re redesigning the whole place little by little. A new entrance/shop is being built (it should be finished shortly). Some old houses have been rethatched last Fall. A few places that seriously need some renovation seem like they’re about to get it. Still, I’m not sure cutting so many big trees was necessary. Oh well.




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