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Naoshima NoteNaoshima Note is a small bilingual quarterly published by Benesse Art Site Naoshima talking about, well the Benesse art sites as well as life and other aspects of the islands where they’re located, namely Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima.

I found it totally by chance, last June, on Teshima, and I instantly became a big fan. The articles talk about the islands in ways that are not to dissimilar from this blog (but written by people that have inside information, not just a clueless French guy still trying to understand what’s going on half of the time).

Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to find. It is my understanding that one can buy only on the Benesse Art Sites on the three islands. It is possible to subscribe to it, but only within Japan.

Now, if you are interest in what this nice little periodical has to say but are not in Japan, rejoice, I have great news for you. We contacted them last week, and they agreed that I publish on this blog excerpt of articles when I see fit. Cool, isn’t it? (as well as extremely nice of them, thanks a lot Benesse Art Site Naoshima!)



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