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Merry Christmas from Chichibugahama

Just a quick post to wish you all a Merry Christmas (or whatever it is you’re celebrating this time of the year) from Kagawa Prefecture!



In case you’re wondering, this is a picture taken last Fall at Chichibugahama (some people add “Beach” to the name but hama already means beach, so that’d be silly) a beach from the western part of Kagawa (in the city of Mitoyo) that has been garnering more and more notoriety in recent months (it’s true that it’s the most beautiful beaches in the region).

I’m sure I’ll tell you and show you more about it sooner or later.

Which brings us to my second point. I know, I have had trouble posting regularly lately for all sorts of reasons, the main one being a busier than usual schedule. So, while I had pretty much stopped doing it, what do you think about me resuming publishing single picture posts with little to no text? So that the blog remains a bit lively in between two bigger articles…


Also, in case you’ve missed it, I recently published a page listing all the ways you can help and support the site:

Support Setouchi Explorer

Please, feel free to follow any (or all, or none) of the methods suggested on the page.

And if I start earning more money than maintaining the site costs me, who knows, it could be a good motivation to write more often. 😉

In the meantime,



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