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Meon 2 Megi


Today, just a couple of pictures of Meon 2, one of the two ferries that link Ogijima and Megijima to Takamatsu. Those little boats really are part of these two islands cultures, they’re even simply part of these two islands as it is their connection to the rest of the world.


Meon 2



3 thoughts on “Meon 2”

  1. I’ve been meaning to thank you for all that you’ve written about Ogijima and the other islands. I was able to ride on Meon 2 on May 31st and visit Ogijima, and I really enjoyed it. Of course, on the day that I could go, not many things were open, but I did at least see some onba, and walked out to the lighthouse, and wandered around the town for a while. It’s a fascinating place! And the curry served at the visitor center is delicious. I also visited Naoshima and Takamatsu, spending a whole afternoon at Ritsurin Kouen, and enjoying the view from Yashima. It’s a wonderful area–I wish I could have stayed longer. Thanks for all your articles that encouraged me to go and see for myself.

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