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Kōkyōji in Takamatsu


When you think about Japanese temples, you certainly think about buildings and places that are several hundreds years old if not more. And to be honest, this is that I think about too.

However, the truth is that not every temple is that old. Some (or at least their buildings) can be much more recent.

For example, Kōkyōji in the neighborhood of Kita, in Takamatsu:


Kokyoji in Kita, Takamatsu


I don’t really know anything about it, but I’ll give you more details as soon as I get them when I do.



3 thoughts on “Kōkyōji in Takamatsu”

    1. No idea. But I suspect it’s less than 15 years old. (the physical building that is, the temple itself I have no idea but it could be much older of course)

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