Liminal Air – core –


Just a few pics of Shinji Ohmaki‘s Liminal Air – core – in Takamatsu Sunport.

If you’ve ever been to Sunport chances are that you have seen this work of art that has been part of the landscape since 2010.


Liminal air core 1


Liminal air core 6


Liminal air core 5


Liminal air core 4


Liminal air core 3


Liminal air core 2


If you are currently in Kagawa or will be before december 1st, please note that Shinji Ohmaki currently has another artwork exhibited in town. It’s called Liminal Air – Space Time and it can be seen in one of the buildings of the Ritsurin Garden. I haven’t see it yet, but plan on doing it as soon as possible.



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