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Iwaseo Hachiman-Gu Autumn Matsuri in Takamatsu (2022 edition)

Today, I didn’t go to any island (yes, I know, I’m more than behind with reporting about the Setouchi Triennale 2022, I may just do a retrospective in the coming weeks or months at this point), because today was the day of Iwaseo Hachiman-gu Autumn Matsuri.

Iwaseo Hachiman-gu is one of the main shrines in Takamatsu. If I’m not mistaken, Iwaseo Hachiman is the deity protector of the city.

This shrine is also the very first shrine I have visited in Japan, so I have a special affection for it, even though I rarely go these days. (I also used to post more about it back in the day – click on the link if you want to read these posts)

However, nowadays, I do attend the matsuri because my children are part of a kids’ shishimai (lion dance) group that is affiliated with it. Nowadays, it’s difficult for each small shrine in town to have its own matsuri, so this one gathers various groups from around town, each of them doing something special in a big parade, down the main street from the shrine. There also used to be a series of events in the shotengai (shopping arcade), but they haven’t happened in the past few years because of the pandemic. The matsuri itself was much less crowded (both with participants and audience members) than before. Even my kids’ shishimai group took a hiatus of a couple of years and only started again this year with regular rhythm and practice sessions.

Even if I wasn’t part of the audience – my main task was to pull the cart with all the kids’ bottles and drinks inside (it was another unseasonably hot day, and my job was an important one 😉) – I managed to take a few pictures and to film a little, especially the part of the parade that took place after the kids were finished.

Here they are.




That’s all for today.

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