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Inside Traditional Houses


Old House Shikoku Mura


Those two houses are traditional houses from the Edo Period that can be seen at Shikoku Mura in Takamatsu. A place I warmly advise you to visit if you’re ever in Takamatsu.


Traditional House Shikoku Mura



6 thoughts on “Inside Traditional Houses”

    1. Can wait to read them.

      I need to return soon too. I have been in three years (it was the first place I visited during my first trip to Japan)

  1. Very nice and remind me of the houses we have in Takayama, Gifu. It is good to see that there are still many places in Japan, where you can see Edo period houses and architecture 🙂

    1. Shikoku is full of them. But this place is special, it’s an open-air museum where the pieces that are exhibited are houses.

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