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“House of Knots” by Yuki Okawa – Megijima – Setouchi Triennale 2022

House of Knots is a self-explanatory artwork by Yuki Okawa. It is located on Megijima and it’s one of the new pieces of the Setouchi Triennale 2022.

House of Knots Megijima Spring 2022 1

The artist has created hundreds (thousands?) of ropes made of old strips of fabric knotted together and is filling up a house with them.

I find the artwork pleasant (I like this kind of art), but not really mindblowing. It reminds me a bit of what Chiharu Shiota can do, or of an installation on Teshima during the very first Triennale in 2010 (and that one was a bit more meaningful).

Still, I’m not complaining as temporary art on Megijima can sometimes be a bit underwhelming, so the island needs more pleasant works.


House of Knots Megijima Spring 2022 2

House of Knots Megijima Spring 2022 5

During the Triennale sessions, the artist is on-site and organizes workshops where you can create ropes of knots yourself and add them to the installation. On weekends only. This is probably one of the interesting things about Megijima this year. Every weekend, most art installations seem to be organizing various workshops for visitors.

Unfortunately, I went on a Tuesday last Spring. I’ll give it a try on a weekend during the Summer or Autumn session.


I filmed this short video while I was there for you to enjoy:


House of Knots Megijima Spring 2022 8


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