Have you visited Takamatsu?


If you have visited Takamatsu, I have a few questions for you. Yes, I know, I’m asking a lot to my readers these days; first this thing about share buttons, and now that.

Here is the deal, the city of Takamatsu has asked my friend Cathy feedback with these two questions and I’m helping a little, because the issue interests me too as you can imagine.

The questions are pretty simple. Here they are:

1. What appealed to you about Takamatsu? As a visitor, what did you like about Takamatsu? Where would you recommend other visitors to go and what would you recommend them to do here?

2. What can Takamatsu do to make it more appealing, attractive, interesting, comfortable for visitors from overseas?

Feel free to answer the way that’s most convenient for you (in the comments, by e-mail, on the Facebook or Google+ page, your choice), in a few words or a few pages. You decide.

Thanks in advance.


Ritsurin Garden in the Fall.



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