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October Matsuri at Kumano-jinja


As we’re in October and that rice is getting harvested little by little, October Matsuri are popping up here and there too.

This week-end it was my neighborhood’s shrine, Kumano-jinja‘s turn. We decided to spend some time there today. Not everything went according to plan as rain showers coming out of nowhere fell on us, and we returned home much earlier than planned (we didn’t have umbrellas, and we had a baby who was wondering what was that water falling on her that way for the first time of her life).

I still managed to take a few pictures that I think are worth sharing with you:


The sun was still shining as we approached Kumano-jinja, but look at the sky…


We had barely arrived that rain started falling down…
(it’s really the beginning, the floor is still dry)


The head priest (well, I assume he’s the head priest) stayed wisely inside (he’s not that young anymore).


The mikoshi waited inside too.


Soon, the rain stopped.



So the mikoshi was taken outside and the procession could start.


Actors or spectators?
Well, a lot of people are both in matsuri, aren’t they?






People walked under the mikoshi (for good luck I guess) as it was started to be carried all over the neighborhood. However, not one but two more rain showers made us rush back home and not follow the procession. I hope the mikoshi could be properly protected from the rain, and that next year we will be able to fully attend the Kumano-jinja October Matsuri.



4 thoughts on “October Matsuri at Kumano-jinja”

  1. Love all the constrasting colour worn by the people there. Red, yellow and blue. No green? ^^

    p.s. thanks for thinking about us (and Raimie). Didn’t reply the twitter of yours but yeah, we were informed about the Ultraman exhibit by Rurousha. 🙂

    1. Oh you’re right, no green.
      Actually I was surprised by the colors too. Everything Matsuri I’ve been to had the priests (or affiliated) in white and everybody else wearing the same color whatever it was.

      P.S.: You’re very welcome. 🙂

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