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Has Cherry Blossom Season Started?

Kind of.

While most of Japan seems to be in full cherry blossom season mode, they’re really taking their time in Takamatsu this year.

I just returned from the cherry tree from the other side of the street and here is what I got for you:


Cherry Blossom Update March 2019 1


I really really love my new camera. Those “close-ups” were taken with the flowers actually being about three meters high. There was no way I could do that with my old camera.


Cherry Blossom Update March 2019 2


Cherry Blossom Update March 2019 3


As you can see on this last picture, it’s really just a few flowers that are in bloom, we’re very far from having full trees. I guess we’ll need to be a little more patient.


Cherry Blossom Update March 2019 4


On the good side, when flowers will be pretty much gone in Kanto, Kansai and many other places, they’ll still be around this year.

Still, this is one of the reasons I’m not too happy that the Setouchi Triennale is starting so late this year. Discovering the new art during cherry blossom season was just priceless three and six years ago.


2 thoughts on “Has Cherry Blossom Season Started?”

  1. Looking forward to your posts about your experiences as guide for art festival.
    Flying to Japan to see autumn sessions of triennial and waiting for release of dates of available tours. Do you think you will be guiding any of those or is it still a work in progress?

    1. I will probably write about it sooner or later. I’m still not sure what I’m allowed to say publicly or not about it.

      However, it’s very unlikely that I’ll be doing any official guiding in the autumn sessions, I’ll be quite busy then, but you never know I may do it one day or two (I don’t think I’ll know before September). I’ll probably do it mostly in the summer.

      As far as the tour schedule is concerned, I thought it was already online, but no, it only goes until August. I guess will be different in the Fall as the Western islands will be included.

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