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Genbaku Dome


Genbaku Dome



5 thoughts on “Genbaku Dome”

    1. Thanks. Yes, haunting experience it is, indeed.
      I need to write about it here one day (understand: I wrote about it in my French blog two years ago, I need to find the time to translate it).

    1. It is also called the A Bomb Dome.
      It is a building in Hiroshima that was located almost under the hypocenter of the bomb, and one of the few that were still standing after the explosion (being made of steeled concrete).
      While the other buildings were razed when it was time to rebuild the city, this one was kept as is, and will always remain this way as long as possible, so that the bomb and those who died are never forgotten.

      Here is the wikipedia page:
      And it’s UNESCO page:

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