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First day on Ogijima in 2018


This is what my first day on Ogiima of 2018 looked like:


Toyotamahime Shrine

Toyotamahime Shrine. Whoops, I arrived to late for Hatsumode celebrations…


Seto Inland Sea


Ogijima Street 2

Believe it or not, I had never been into that street before.
Now, I think I’ve been into all the streets of the village… but who knows? It’s such a maze…



Ogijima Street 1

I have been to this street many times, though.



Dogs on Ogijima

Ogijima’s two newest residents (who were a bit scared at that moment, it was literally seconds after setting foot on the island for the first time).
And with their arrival, the number of dogs has doubled on this island!




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