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Feel Feel Bonsai in Summer

I already mentioned Feel Feel Bonsai on this blog. As a reminder, it’s a project and installation located on Megijima and – as you have figured – it’s about bonsai. It’s interesting in many ways, including the fact that it gives a contemporary twist to a very old art, that it associate bonsai making with interior design, and just because – as the name says – it’s just a place where feelings matter, and the main feeling when I visit it is a very soothing and relaxing one. The project is a result of a collaboration between Masashi Hirao and Setouchi Cogeiz. Another of its particularities is that it changes for every season of the Setouchi Triennale. Let’s start with reminding you what it looked like in the Spring by inviting you to read this post again.

Yesterday, I was on Megijima for a completely different reason (the REAL time FOOD project). However, I took the opportunity to stop by Feel Feel Bonsai for a few minutes to see what it looks like in the fall. And good surprise, Masashi Hirao was there, and even better surprise, he can speak English, so we chatted a little bit. But that’ll be for another post, as I haven’t shown you what it looked like in the summer yet.

So let’s do that right now!







Does this look familiar?




Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, those bonsai are indeed levitating!
















Coming soon, the same Feel Feel Bonsai, but in its Fall set up.



2 thoughts on “Feel Feel Bonsai in Summer”

  1. Nice to see the differences between summer and autumn. Can’t wait to see autumn in the future.

    PS: Will probably start posting my long forms by January. Will have lots of Feel Feel Bonsai photos too. 😉

    1. I’ll post about the Autumn bonsai soon (Maybe I posted a pic or two already), but it felt a bit underwhelming compared to both Spring and Summer. The reason is a noble one though, as most exhibited bonsai were made by Megijima’s residents.

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