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Farther Memory by Chiharu Shiota is the only remaining Art Setouchi artwork in the village of  on Teshima. This  installation is located in the former village’s community building.

About 600 window frames were gather from abandoned houses all over the island to make the artwork.


Farther Memory 1


The resulting tunnel that goes across the building symbolizes both the past and the future of the island, as well as the islanders memory.

When one goes through the tunnel, one sees two of the most important aspects of the island at both ends: the sea and the rice fields.



The artwork is usually open on the week-ends 10.30am-4.30pm. There’s a ¥300 entry fee.

(Note that those are subject to change, especially Farther Memory will be closed November-March, like most of the “small” Art Setouchi installations)


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