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Drawings of Wakimachi


A few days ago, I told you about my visit of Wakimachi two years ago.

In case you forgot, Wakimachi is this amazing neighborhood of the town of Mima, in the Tokushima Prefecture that has stayed pretty much unchanged since the Edo period.

I don’t know about you, but I rarely find postcards in Japan, to my parents great sadness (they love postcards). Personally, I don’t mind so much (I hate writing them), except when I go places where one can’t take pictures.

However, in Mima, I found very interesting postcards of Wakimachi (and around). They were not pictures, they were drawings.

Here they are (I hope I’m not breaking too many copyright laws by sharing them with you here).

Wakimachi - Mima



Wakimachi - Mima

Even the cover is beautiful


2 thoughts on “Drawings of Wakimachi”

    1. The originals are even more beautiful. I guess I need to change my scanner, I couldn’t manage to get the exact colors.

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