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Congratulations Nadeshiko Japan!


I’m sure you already know by now that Nadeshiko Japan, the Women’s soccer team has beaten the USA in the final and is the new FIFA World Champion.

I really hope you managed to watch the game as it was one of the best soccer game I have seen in my life (I mean it, the only other game that comes close to it is the infamous FIFA 1982 World Cup semifinals between France and Germany). Also, this World Cup made me realize that I like watching women’s soccer so much more than men’s soccer (I could explain why, but it would take too long and it’s already late and that would be totally off topic for this blog.

So let’s just say:

Omedetō Nadeshiko Japan!


Omedeto Nadeshiko Japan!


Omedeto Nadeshiko Japan!



Omedeto Nadeshiko Japan!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations Nadeshiko Japan!”

  1. Am not into female football but hey so i dont even know if USA is strong or not. Who is the last champion ?

    Either way …congrats !

    1. Well, the two-time (in a row) champions before them was Germany, which Japan beat in quarter-finals, and USA is (well “was” it probably won’t be in the next rankings) the number one team in the FIFA rankings (and has more or less constantly been for the past 20 years or so).

      I guess that gives you an idea how amazing and incredible this Japan championship is.

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