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Big Bambu Preview


I have yet to see Doug and Mike Starn’s Big Bambú as a finished work. I blame the current heat wave that is over Japan for that (yesterday was the day with the highest temperature ever recorded in Japan; 41°C in Kochi, about 150 km from me). Because of the heat I’m limiting my trips to the Setouchi Triennale islands much more than I’d like. I’m starting to think that I won’t see it before the Fall session, so to help you wait, that picture is another preview (and it shows a part of the artwork that I’m not sure is accessible to the public).



2 thoughts on “Bamboo”

  1. I was at Kamikochi on the way to Okuhotaka and met two of the people who helped set this up.

    Steve and Colleen if I’m not mistaken. It was interesting to run into them in such a random place.

    The only reason I knew about it was from your blog. Too bad I was never able to make it to Takamatsu for the art festival. Maybe some other time in life…

    1. Too bad you never made it here indeed.
      I met the crew too briefly to remember their names, but they were all very friendly and welcoming (even offered some of their food).
      I think I remember one Steve.

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