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Artists of the Setouchi Triennale 2022

Yesterday, all the important information for the Setouchi Triennale 2022 has been announced.

I guess it means that it’s time to update all that needs to be updated on the site. Why don’t we start with the artists and projects taking part in the 2022 edition? (as promised on social media a little while ago).

This list includes the artists with new projects or ongoing projects that are being changed or updated. Permanent works from the previous years are not listed here.

Note that the table may look a bit weird and be a bit tricky on mobile. It might be best viewed on a computer.

First time means whether the artist is coming to the Triennale for the first time or not.
Location is by no means official. Those marked with a question mark are just assumptions that I am making.

Looking at the list, I mostly see many new names that I’m looking forward to getting familiarized with as well as a few very familiar names and that gets me pretty excited about their new or updated works. Sadly, I also was expecting a few names that are missing, but unfortunately, this is unavoidable.

However, it has been said that additional names will be announced at a later date (keeping fingers crossed).

I will update the list if necessary (when I get more information – about locations especially)

I added links to various websites (most of the time the official site of the artist) to give you an idea of their works and who they are.

NameCountryFirst timeLocation
Faig AhmedAzerbaijanO
Manal Al DowayanSaudi ArabiaO
Tadao AndoJapan“Valley Gallery”Naoshima
Noe AokiJapanShodoshima
Asia Art PlatformShodoshima?
Asia Gallery“The Sceneries and Portraits of the Eras”Shodoshima?
Massimo BartoliniItalyO
Sokari Douglas CampNigeria /UKO
Children’s Summer CampEvent
Nicolas DarrotFranceOMegijima
DDMY StudioThailandO
Wim DelvoyeBelgiumOUno Port
Takefumi DoiJapanO
Stasys EidrigevičiusLithuania / PolandO
Ayşe ErkmenTurkey / GermanyO
Mounir FatmiMorocco / FranceAwashima?
Fudo LaboratoryJapanO
Yumiko FujinoJapanTakamijima?
Fumie FujiwaraJapanO
Kendell GeersSouth Africa / BelgiumO
Green SpaceJapanO
Julio GoyaArgentina / JapanShodoshima
Eri HayashiJapanO
Katsuhiko HibinoJapanAwashima
Kodue HibinoJapanEvent
Toyomi HoshinaJapanOTakamatsu (Yashima)
Toshimitsu Ito + Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City UniversityJapanShodoshima?
Kagawa University Project
(dir. Kenji Wakai)
Kovaleva and Sato ArchitectRussia / JapanO
Junya Kataoka + Rie IwatakeJapanO
Hiroyuki KawashimaJapanO
Takeshi Kawashima & Dream FriendsJapanOgijima
(Supervised by Yuichi Kinoshita,
Directed by Momoko Shiraga)
Tomoko KonoikeJapanOshima
Junko KoshinoJapanShodoshima
Yayoi KusamaJapan“Valley Gallery”Naoshima
Rikuji MakabeJapanOgijima? Honjima?
Shiko MiyakeJapanO
Nozomi MurataJapanTakamijima?
Goro MurayamaJapanOgijima
Yoshitaka NanjoJapanShamijima?
Naoshima Onna BunrakuJapanEventNaoshima
Neon DanceUKEvent
Minako NishiyamaJapanTakamijima?
Asaki OdaJapan / USAO
Shinro OhtakeJapan“Needle Factory”Teshima
Oscar OiwaBrazil / USAOgijima
Daisuke OmiJapan
Ellie OmiyaJapanO
Tsuyoshi OzawaJapan“Valley Gallery”Naoshima
Sopheap PichCambodiaO
Screening of MegijimaEventMegijima
Seppuku PistolsJapanEvents
Setouchi Girl’s TheatreJapanEvent
Motoyuki ShitamichiJapan“Miyanoura Gallery 6”Naoshima
Esther StockerItaly / AustriaUno, Awashima
Hiroshi SugimotoJapan / USA“Time Corridors”Naoshima
Kentaro SuzukiJapanO
Heather B Swann + Nonda KatsalidisAustraliaOTeshima
Kohei TakekoshiJapanShodoshima?
Tea Ceremony Group AkebonoJapanEvent
Yuu TetsuraJapanO
Ryo ToyofukuJapanIbukijima?
Haruyuki UchidaJapanUno Port?
Donald WasswaUgandaO
Wang Wen-ChichTaiwanShodoshima
Charles WorthenUSAShodoshima?
Xiang YangChinaShodoshima?
Akari YamashitaJapanO

Photo credits: all pictures are mine except Esther Stocker’s (it’s her picture but she allowed me to use it for this site).

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