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Aji Stone Lamps


Aji used to be a small village near Takamatsu. It is now part of Takamatsu (right east of Yashima). It is (locally only?) famous for its stone, the Aji stone, that is a very high quality stone and that is used for the best sculptures, traditional lamps and more in the area.

It is also used for less traditional things, like those lamps that are exhibited here and there in Takamatsu from time to time (that was in Tamamo Koen):


Aji Stone Lights - 1


Aji Stone Lights - 2


Aji Stone Lights - 3


Aji Stone Lights - 4


Aji Stone Lights - 5


Aji Stone Lights - 6


Aji Stone Lights - 7


Aji Stone Lights - 8


I have a weak spot for the last two: Mommy frog and her little tadpole as well as the pretty neat dragon (I wouldn’t mind having this dragon in my yard – when I have a yard that is).



2 thoughts on “Aji Stone Lamps”

  1. What fun sculptures. I’ll try to check it out if I have time next time. I keep saying it though. 🙁

    I’m with you and Massimo. I like the last one too. Something about dragons. 😉

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