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That is the approximate number of people who attended the Spring Session of the Setouchi Triennale.

That’s 25% more than during the same period (the first 33 days) in 2010, although I’m not sure one can compare as those 33 days were in July and August back then.

In any case, it is more than I was expecting (not that my expectations matter on the issue) and I’m both excited and scared for that Summer and Fall will be like.

Excited because that means more people will discover the Setouchi area and its wonderful islands (the millionth visitor mark could be reach this Fall).

Scared because that will mean huge crowds and long lines everywhere. Selfishly, while I love “my” islands with some activity on it, I’d rather have them uncrowded. For the local population it’s also a blessing and a strain. A blessing that so many people discover and possible will start to care about their islands, a strain because life will be difficult at times during those crowded moments.


(my source for this number is Arthur Huang, his source is NHK and I assume that their source is the executive committee)



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