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20th Century Recall


Just a few pictures of  Hagetaka Funjo‘s 20th Century Recall on Megijima.


20th Century Recall - Megijima - 1


20th Century Recall - Megijima - 2


As often, when I’m on Megijima, the weather is quite overcast (not last month though, it was sunny for once).


20th Century Recall - Megijima - 3


20th Century Recall - Megijima - 4


If you want to know more about it, you can always read my original post about 20th Century Recall.



4 thoughts on “20th Century Recall”

    1. Be careful, I don’t always post my pictures in chronological order. Those ones are one year old at least… Let me check… Wow, they date from November 2012 actually. 🙂
      However, it’s true that the sails do get worn and they are fixed/replaced from time to time.
      Also, these days, on days when there aren’t many visitors, they are not raised, they lay flat on the top of the piano.

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