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Seto Inland Sea - Teshima - Ogijima


Just a quick note to tell you to not worry if you don’t see anything on this blog for the next two weeks (don’t worry, but don’t forget me either, mmm ‘kay?). I’ll be on vacation for a few days, and I’ll also have some very special guests at home (my parents), so I doubt I’ll have much time to blog.

However, while I’ll never be too far, a few trips here and there are planned during these two weeks (including some on Honshu; I know, unbelievable!) so even if I won’t post on the blog, you can expect a few things on the usual social media (mostly pictures and probably a few failed attempts at saying witty things). So if you don’t already do so, now is the perfect time to follow me on the social media of your choice (and/or the ones that you’re addicted to):


Also, to make sure you don’t miss my return as well as any subsequent post, your best option remains to subscribe to the blog by e-mail. It’s very easy, you just need to subscribe by clicking on this link, and after you activate your subscription (don’t forget that last very important step), you’ll magically receive an e-mail every time I post something new here. No more missed post! Magic! Almost magic! And happiness, lots of happiness.

Ok, I’m signing off for now, see you all soon.




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