Waiting for the Typhoon

So, typhoon number 20 is upon us – literally, the eye of the storm should reach Takamatsu in less than an hour now. The winds are strong, but it’s not raining that much strangely (it may all be falling on Kansai?)

Here is a small video I shot returning from work, shortly after 5pm when the wind was starting to blow.

What’s interesting in it (you’ll notice it instantly if you’re familiar with the Seto Inland Sea) is that all the ferries for Naoshima / Uno (and also Shodoshima, but you can’t see them as well in the video) are anchored in the middle of the sea, ready to ride the storm there (and some crew aboard them, let’s wish them good luck). It’s safer than in the port, especially with the high tide tonight, the sea may “overflow” a little bit.





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