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Tsuda Matsubara


Just east of Takamatsu, in Sanuki City, which really is five smaller towns bundled up together as it’s often the case with “cities” in this part of Japan. One of them, in the north, on the coast, is Tsuda. This is where I’m briefly bringing you today to show you Tsuda Matsubara (Tsuda pine grove).

It’s located near the beach, is a few hundreds years old and some trees really are impressive, maybe not in height, but in shape. Some of them are more than 600 years old!


Tsuda Matsubara - 1


The story says that the pine grove was planted to protect nearby Iwashimizu Hachiman shrine from the strong winds coming from the sea.


Tsuda Matsubara - 2


Tsuda Matsubara - 4
If you have five minutes, feel free to rake the ground and help keep the grove clean.


Tsuda Matsubara - 3
Kinrin Park, right between the pine grove and the sea.


When you’re in Kagawa prefecture and want to spend a few quiet hours without having to go very far but still leave Takamatsu, Tsuda Matsubara is always a good choice.


Access: the pine grove is walking distance from the JR Sanukitsuda station.



4 thoughts on “Tsuda Matsubara”

  1. Stayed in Chitose Hotel in front of Matsubara Park in 1985 during my training in Mitsuboshi Belting Shikoku Plant,
    it was a memorable stay, remembered waking up every morning to the crowing sounds of the crows.

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