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Trying to escape the heat of Japanese summer and cool down in Shionoe

Trying to escape the heat, we decided to go to Shionoe, in the south of Takamatsu, at the foot of the mountains to see if we could find a few spots where we could cool down a little bit.

I brought back three pictures and a video from this escapade.

Shionoe Fudonotaki Park 1


Fudonotaki Park with a very cute waterfall (the park basically is the waterfall)


Shionoe Fudonotaki Park 2


In the village, by the onsen:

Shionoe Koto River


Oh, and by the way, this video is on a new Youtube Channel that I’m starting right now.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making more videos for this site for a while now, and here we go, I’m going to try to make videos as regularly as possible. The content should be similar to what you already find here, just in video form instead of being pictures and texts. With some experience, I even hope they’ll be somewhat good.

May I advise you to subscribe to the channel?



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