The End of Cherry Blossoms


Even if there are a few flowers left here and there, cherry blossom season is clearly over for 2013. Why does it have to be so short? Well, of course, if it was much longer it wouldn’t be as special.

No real Hanami for me this year but my many coming and goings to the Seto islands this month allowed me to see many many cherry trees and many different contexts (pictures will be published all year long), and it is with this picture that I’m “ending” cherry blossom season (but starting this year’s batch of cherry blossom pictures on the blog):


Sakura - March 24 2013


It actually was one of the very first ones I saw this year, and it was taken on Ogijima – where else? – on March 24th.

On other news, the Spring session of the Setouchi Triennale 2013 ends tomorrow. I should spend the day on Naoshima of all places (I must be a little masochistic).

I wish I would have been able to post more about the Triennale as it happened, but my very busy schedule at work, plus my parents visiting, plus obviously visiting the various locations in my free time didn’t really allowed it.

But worry not, I will have plenty of time to talk about it soon and before the Summer session starts on July 20th.

I’ll still be relatively quiet for the week to come. While my parents arrived home safely less than two hours ago, I have another crazy week at work coming. But after that, it’s Golden Week and my plan this year, apart from one or two day trips, is to stay at home, chill, watch a movie or two and write (blogs among other things).



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