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Takamatsu Sunport at Night


You may have already seen this picture if you follow my Instagram account (and if you don’t may I advise that you do 😉 ), but I’m posting it again here, because it’s worth it.

You may know that it’s currently phosphorescent plancton season. So, the other day I went to the shore at night hoping to see some. No luck for me, the sea was as flat as a lake (you need at least some tiny wavelets in order to see it), and the Moon was pretty bright (not too sure if it had an effect, but on the Atlantic Ocean coast, in order to see some, you need the night to be as dark as possible).

However, when I turned around towards Takamatsu Sunport, I had one of the most stunning views of the place I had ever seen. Those two factors (flat water, bright moon) added to some subtle mist turned the place into a stunning night city/sea landscape.

Unfortunately, I only had my phone, not my real camera, so the picture isn’t as good as it could have been, but I’m sure that one of these days, it will look the same, and I’ll be ready then. 🙂

In the meantime, enjoy:


Takamatsu Sunport at Night


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