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Takamatsu Castle Reconstruction


As I mentioned before, I’m both fascinated and ambivalent about the fact and the way Japanese people reconstruct their old destroyed castles. However, I heard that they’re trying to do things right with Takamatsu’s castle (i.e. rebuild it as close as possible to the original, no funky things like with Osaka castle for example).

In any case, the construction work is well underway now, and the stone base seems pretty much finished:


Convered bridge
The covered access bridge to the main tower is being fixed too.


Takamastu Castle Reconstruction 1


Takamastu Castle Reconstruction 3

I like this view with the Symbol Tower and Hotel Clement in the background. However, I’m a bit worried of that same view once the castle is rebuilt. I guess there was no plan to do so when the Sunport was designed.


If I’m correct, construction will go on until 2015, I’ll keep you updated as we go.

3 thoughts on “Takamatsu Castle Reconstruction”

  1. Unfortunately, There are few original castles now remaining in Japan. My favourite original castles are Matsumoto-jo in Nagano, Inuyama-jo in Aichi and Hikone-jo in Shiga. Lucky for me they are all pretty close to my home in Gifu.

    1. I haven’t seen those (this is a part of Japan I have yet to go to).
      The only original one I’ve seen is Marugame so far. It’s very small, but the walls are impressive (I’ve read somewhere that it’s said to be the smallest original castle with the biggest walls in Japan).

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