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Summer in Sunport



So, if you’re a regular reader and/or if you follow me on the usual social media (and if you don’t, may I invite you to do so, all the good links are in the icons of the sidebar on the right), you know that I recently bought a new camera.

Last week, as I had a day off, I decided to spend an hour or two in Sunport despite the 35°C in the shade (that’s about 95°F for you Americans) to try out my new camera.

If you want to know about the small experiments I made with it (in order to learn how to use it), you can read the details in David + World.

Here are the most interesting pictures that came out of this small photo-shoot:


2 Tamamo Tour de la Lune
Tower of the Moon in Tamamo Park



So what do you think? Are they actually better than my usual pictures?



4 thoughts on “Summer in Sunport”

  1. Looking Good, David! I think you have always taken good pictures, but maybe now with the new camera the quality of the images has improved. I’ve been looking at the new Panasonic G5 camera. I need a new one as well as the last one is just a basic point and shoot. Look forward to seeing some more shots from you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words about my pictures.
      And yeah, I’m very pleased by the colors with this new camera, the old pics look very dull in comparison (I still have a few hundreds of them though… actually it may be a new game: guess what camera took the picture? 😉 )

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