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Suitcase in a Bottle by Ram Katzir


Suitcase in a Bottle Ram Katzir

Suitcase in a Bottle – Ram Katzir
Setouchi Triennale 2019
Shikoku Mura, Takamatsu



2 thoughts on “Suitcase in a Bottle by Ram Katzir”

  1. I was lucky enough to visit Shikoku Mura in late September 2019. There was so little information or publicity about the artworks installed there, yet some of them were outstanding and have stayed in my mind. I wonder, David, if you have any photos of those artworks, or information you might be able to share about the event there which I believe was a collaboration between two art schools, one based in Tokyo and the other in (I think) Canada.
    All good wishes,
    Kate Veitch

    1. I happened to be in Shikoku Mura on the day of the opening of the exhibit (it could be the day I took this photo actually). However, I was with some friends visiting from the other side of the world, so I didn’t “crash” the event.

      The exhibit was part of the Setouchi Triennale (the festival has some “side exhibits” at times), they were students from Tokyo University of Arts and the Art Institute of Chicago. I took a few pictures, but not many (I meant to return in the Fall, but didn’t). I guess they’ll find their way here eventually. 🙂

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