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Strange Poses on Naoshima


On Naoshima, coming back from the Benesse House Park and Beach, we stumbled upon a strange phenomenon.

People were taking pictures of each other assuming very strange poses.


poses 1


So I got closer in order to get what was going on.


poses 2


poses 3


Yayoi Kusama's Yellow Pumpkin on Naoshima


I guess I don’t need to explain more, do I?

And don’t worry, sooner or later I’ll write a full post about Yayoi Kusama‘s Yellow Pumpkin.



10 thoughts on “Strange Poses on Naoshima”

    1. Yes. It’s actually the most famous work of art on Naoshima (well, with Monet’s Nympheas, one of his many Nymphea paintings).
      I believe that the Yellow Pumpkin is famous all over Japan, although I’m assuming a bit here.

        1. You can read about it on my upcoming post about it. Ok, it make take a while before I actually write (unless I bump it up in my “posts to write list”).

          Mmm… I was gonna send you to a link with more information about it but apparently there aren’t that many and/or they’re hard to find…

          I guess I need to bump up my future post then.

  1. Had a good laugh over your post… the Japanese folks are fond of doing such things, especially the young ones… the pumpkin is actually quite a wonderful piece of art…

    1. Actually I was surprised to see Japanese people doing this (but I still have so much to learn about them), I’m used to Americans doing it every time they see a famous tower.
      And yes, it is a wonderful piece of art, much better and more fascinating when it is in front of you than on pictures.

  2. These photos are great! I share your discomfort with taking/publishing photos of people (referring to our G+ discussion), but these ones are not in the least embarrassing or demeaning or even an invasion of privacy. They’re just fun. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I’m also repeating myself from G+, but the trick is to determine whether you’re invading someone’s privacy. But when you are willingly posing for pictures in a public space, I don’t see any privacy involved.

      (on a personal note, I find posing like that to be embarrassing, but it’s public voluntary embarrassment, so it’s fair game for pictures) 🙂

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