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Setouchi Summer Nights 2018 in Takamatsu (Part One?)

 Every year in Sunport Takamatsu, usually the last week of July and the first week of August, Setouchi Summer Nights is taking place.

It’s a series of cultural and artistic events, coupled with local food stalls (not the usual summer matsuri junk food, but some good quality, delicious – and a bit pricey – food made by local producers and restaurants). Note that it is not related to Art Setouchi. I assume that it’s produced by the city of Takamatsu.

It usually involves local (or not) dance groups and performance artists as well as some sort of “main event.” The main event (my appellation) is usually some relatively famous performance artists (TeamLab came a couple of times) as well as some foreign ones. Last year (and a few years before that) some French performers came, but this year they come from Australia.

The name of the group is Strange Fruit and their show is Swoon. And instead of trying to explain what they do, the best is to simply show you – guest starring my son “photo-bombing” (video bombing?)  the video a couple of time:




So, what do you think?


If you want to know more about Strange Fruit, here is their contact:


The Swoon performance ended yesterday (it was supposed to end tomorrow, but you know, typhoon warning and all that), but they’re staying in Takamatsu for one more week with a new performance called Spheres. I hope I’ll get to see it (and report about it here).

After their show, by the port, we went to check out what was happening and we stumbled upon Juggler Laby, a juggler from Tokyo who was pretty amazing (and quite funny from what I could understand). Here are a couple of pictures (this time it’s the Blue Line Ferry from Shodoshima who’s doing the photo bombing). There is also a video but it may be blocked if you’re in Japan because of stupid automated copyright infringement detection on YouTube (I guess the music he plays).




That’s all for today… See you soon… With probably more about Setouchi Summer Nights 2018 some time next week.


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