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Ōte on Megijima


Ote Megijima


One of Megijima‘s architectural specificity is those large stone walls here and there in the village of Megichō, especially when one gets near the Seto Inland Sea. They are called Ōte (pronounce: “Ohteh”) and you have most likely already understood that their purpose is to protect the houses that are almost on the shore from bad weather, especially strong winds (not uncommon) and big waves (more uncommon, but they can happen). The thing is that, contrarily to its neighbor Ogichō, Megichō is a flat village, and it is more susceptible to be affected by bad weather.



5 thoughts on “Ōte on Megijima”

  1. I love these stone walls that looks so good but have a specific purpose as well. They are almost like a castle wall protecting the house. That gives me an idea for my place 🙂


    1. Yes, they also remind me of castle walls. I guess it makes sense, the same way that in Europe city walls and castle walls are built with the same type of architecture.

    1. Houses are not exactly on the shore (ok, they’re very close), and the Seto Inland Sea is a quiet sea. Big storms are rare (but they happen, especially during typhoons)

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