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Ōshima’s Beach


It’s too hot to write anything of substance today (35°C/95°F, remember, no A/C in Frrench homes) to instead a picture, that I hope you’ll find as “cooling” as I do:


Oshima beach


This picture was taken from Ōshima‘s beach. I hope you recognize Ogijima in the background. 😉

2 thoughts on “Ōshima’s Beach”

    1. It’s so beautiful and unspoiled (maybe because nobody uses it).
      Its only problem being that you can’t really use it (I mean sunbathe, sweam, etc) as it’s on Oshima.
      However, definitely try to visit it. It’s usually open two days every month, around the middle of the month (I usually publish these days with my monthly schedule of Art Setouchi)

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