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Omedetō Samurai Blue!

japan asian champs


(Credits – 1st photo: MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images, 2nd photo: AP)

2 thoughts on “Omedetō Samurai Blue!”

  1. i can’t endorse this post david. being an aussie and all. heartbreaking! screamer of a goal by Tadanari Lee though (is that a korean name?)

    1. Sorry, but as much as I like Australia and Australian people, I never cared for their sports teams.
      (don’t worry, I rarely care for the French ones either, except maybe in Rugby, but truth is I don’t really care about Rugby that much).

      “is that a Korean name?” Be careful of what you say, I didn’t see many Aborigine last names in the Aussie team. 😉

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