Kikugetsu-tei in Ritsurin Garden



Kikugetsu-tei is the largest tea house in Ritsurin Garden.
It is also the one tea house that is open every day to the public.
There, you can have matcha while enjoying the view of the South Pond of the garden. Sometimes it is also used to host traditional photo shoots (weddings and such).

I want to say don’t miss it if you visit Ritsurin Garden, but you simply can’t miss it if you visit Ritsurin Garden. ­čÖé




David Billa

David was born and raised in France. After a few years in the US and then back to his home country, life led him to the shores of the Seto Inland Sea in Japan. After falling in love with the area, he decided to show its beauty and all it has to offer with this blog.

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