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Kibitsu Jinja


A little more than a year ago, I visited Kibitsu Jinja in the Okayama Prefecture.


Kibitsu Jinja 8


Truth is that we didn’t spend much time there (and I left the few information I collected there back in France) so I don’t really have much to say about it at all except that its architecture was interesting and slightly unusual compared to other shrines in the area. Let’s hope I get to return there in the not too distant future and that I can write another post about it with much more details and better pictures.




4 thoughts on “Kibitsu Jinja”

    1. Apparently, it’s very famous in Okayama, but for some reason I have trouble finding decent information about it in English online.

  1. Yeah, I’ll tried looking for more info about it just out of curiosity. It seems that this style of architecture “kibitsu-zukuri” is famous but there isn’t a lot about this place on most travel sites. That is a shame as it looks like an amazing shrine to visit. I look forward to you writing more about it one day.

    1. It seems to be a constant in the area. Many places of interest have little to no information available in English (they happen to not be located in Kansai or Kanto°.
      It’s actually one of the reasons my blog has heavy “travel guide” overtones.
      I was not too sure what to do of it when I first started it, but it soon became obvious that it needed to become a source of information in English (and in French for the French blog) about Kagawa and around because pretty much none was available.

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