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Japanese Cicada


Japanese Cicada


I hate Japanese Cicada so much (you would do if they woke you up at 5.30 in the morning and if they were pouring their 70-80 decibels of irritating sounds into your living room daily for a month), and yet, I keep on being fascinated by them. Probably because never before an insect has become such an important part of my life even if it’s (thankfully) only one month a year.



2 thoughts on “Japanese Cicada”

  1. The cicadas here are loud, but not that loud, fortunately I don’t hear them much from inside the house. But I do remember once when I was a kid and went camping with my family on the Adriatic… my father developed genocidal attitudes against them.

    1. I went on vacation on the Adriatic as a kid several times (Rimini, Grado near Trieste, Venice and Dubrovnik in Croatia – still Yugoslavia back then), but I don’t especially remember the cicada. In France, the only area where I’m familiar with them is in the Landes Forest and they’re always way up on the pines that they’re not very loud on the ground.

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