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Hōryū-ji’s Pagoda


Hōryū-ji's Pagoda


Probably the oldest wooden building in the world (594 AD).


4 thoughts on “Hōryū-ji’s Pagoda”

  1. I shall be bringing about 100 people (students and others) to Ogijima on 3rd July for a picnic and swim at the beach on the east side… would have liked to also go to the lighthouse on the west side but since they do not entertain visits up the lighthouse, I am giving it a pass…

    1. Awesome.
      I can’t wait for the day I’ll be able to swim there.
      Yeah, unfortunately one can’t visit the lighthouse.

      I hope you’ll tell us more details in your blog afterwards.

    1. Yes it was build in 594 AD. The main building next to it was as old, but it partly burned meanwhile.

      You can’t go inside actually, I don’t know if it ever was possible, every door opens on a wooden fresco. Well maybe it’s possible to walk inside around the fresco, but definitely not for the general public.

      I’m not sure what the wires are for, but I doubt they’re for holding it, I assume they link the lightning rod to the ground.

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