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Harvest Festival and Seppuku Pistols on Teshima

Friday November 3rd, being a holiday, it was the first day of the last week-end of the 2017 season of Art Setouchi. And as it’s now the tradition on Teshima, it also was the harvest festival. This is the day when the rice (as well as other plants, including cotton) that grows near the Teshima Art Museum is harvested by locals, Koebi-Tai volunteers and whoever feels like doing it. It’s always a very festive moment with music, food and more.

Surprisingly, it was the first time I attended the event (well, part of it, as we arrived a bit late, having spent time in other parts of the island beforehand):




If we arrived towards the end of the event, it’s because the “headliners” were what is probably my favorite Japanese band today, that is the Seppuku Pistols, who were back in Setouchi that week-end!

This time, they did things a little differently, as they started, not with music, but with a small sketch in what I assume is the style of traditional countryside theater. This mini-play involved an older, jaded and corrupt Momotaro facing an young Oni, who actually was a good guy. Of course, Momotaro’s animals were there too, but some of them had changed allegiance.



And once the new hero (the Oni) had defeated the former one (bad Momotaro), they all took their instrument and gave us a mini-concert that was as awesome as usual:



I know what you’re saying. All those pictures are nice and all, but they’re not worth a video. Say no more, I have what you need. Enjoy!




(to be continued…)




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