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My First Cherry Blossoms in Japan


On Monday, on my way to the maternity clinic, I found this cute little stream and its many cherry trees surrounding it. Most of them were in bloom (not 100% yet), and those are my first cherry blossoms in Japan:


Sakura 1



Can’t wait to see more… Something’s telling me that I’ll go to Ritsurin Garden on Monday.



8 thoughts on “My First Cherry Blossoms in Japan”

    1. Yes. I need to find a spot where there are even more, but I’m not sure I’ll have time. And I need to hurry, yesterday I saw some trees with their flowers damaged from this week’s rain and wind (although those trees where by a small lake, i.e. with no protection from bad weather).

  1. They’re beautiful. I love those little lanterns too.
    The cherry blossom is coming out here too. Despite the terrible winter weather we had, it looks like all the fruit trees are healthy, thank goodness.

  2. First time is always something special. I still find them magical after all these years and get excited when they are about to bloom. In your neck of the woods they be in full bloom soon 🙂

    1. I’m not sure when full blossom is (although I went back to this spot yesterday, and I think it was pretty much in full blossom).
      I wish I could find a spot with lots and lots of them, but I don’t know any in my vicinity, except for Ritsurin Garden which I’m sure has a lot. I hope I’ll have some time this week-end (baby is coming home tomorrow though)

        1. She’s coming home in a few hours (actually I’m heading to the clinic as soon as I’m done commenting), but Monday, I’ll take a few hours for myself to find cherry blossoms (most likely in Ritsurin), tomorrow will be too crowded.

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