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Dragon Among Clouds


Dragon among clouds


In my Flying Dragons series, today, I want to introduce you to Unryū-zu, the Dragon among clouds, another mural from Ryōan-ji although I’m not sure this one is available to the public (I didn’t see it).

This painting is attributed to Min Chō (1352-1431) a Zen monk who also was a painter.

A few words about him. Born on Awajishima, in the Seto Inland Sea, he was called Kichizan by his master Daidō Ichii, under whom he studied at Tōfuku-ji in Kyōto. He was also called Hasōai (worn sandal).
He worked as a Densu (superintendent of the Buddha Room in the temple) for many years, which gave him the name Chō Densu. Combining his Zen learnings to a great interest in painting, he made himself renowned for his paintings of Kannon Bodhisattva, of the Arhats and of the Zen Ancestors. His most famous work is the  Nehan-zu (painting of Buddha attaining the Nirvana) at Tōfuku-ji.

(sources : leaflet coming with the reproduction of the painting)


2 thoughts on “Dragon Among Clouds”

    1. I’d like to know too, unfortunately, the leaflet that came with this reproduction didn’t tell.
      Maybe he walked a lot. 😉

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