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Cherry Blossom Buds


Cherry Blossom Buds


We returned safely from Kyoto. It was a great trip and expect a few posts about it in the coming months. One disappointment, the cherry blossoms were not in bloom yet except for a few early trees here and there, and it really was a shame, because cherry trees are literally everywhere in Kyoto, and it will be more than amazing in a few days. Actually, if you have the opportunity to go to Kyoto next week, just go, no hesitation, go.


On a side note, the move of the blog seems complete and is officially no more. If you haven’t updated your bookmarks, please do so (and if you’re kind enough to link to me from your own blog or site, do not forget to update your links too).

One “issue” remains though. Facebook doesn’t allow Public Pages to have their names changed if they have more than 200 followers. So I’m not sure what to do. Actually, I created a Setouchi Explorer page, but starting from scratch when followers are so hard to acquire feels a bit frustrating. Any way, for a while at least, I’ll have both pages exist side by side with the same content for both. I tried to merge them; Facebook lets you do it, sometimes, but it’s pretty fickle about it. Actually, I tried, and I’m not sure it went through, but now the option is gone. Not sure if it’s because the request is being “reviewed” or something else. I’ll keep you updated, right now, I advise you to follow both pages, and we’ll see.

Concerning Twitter, my user name hasn’t changed for the moment, it’s still @Ogijima and it will remain for a while. Mostly because my French blog’s name hasn’t changed, and also because I talked with some people on the island about giving them away the user name, and they told me to “keep it safe” for the moment. In any case, it’s less of an issue, as user names are easy to change and it doesn’t affect followers.

Finally, concerning the Google+ page, I could change the name, but not the URL, so it will look a bit funky for a while, I’m sure sooner or later, it’ll be possible.



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