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Bengal Island in Takamatsu – July 21st 2013


As promised, during all of the Setouchi Triennale‘s summer session, I’m sharing pictures and tidbits on info about Bengal Island that is taking place until September 1st on Takamatsu Sunport‘s lawn. Here are pictures from the second day, July 21st:


Bengal Island - July 21 - Four Mirrors 1


The day before I hadn’t really understood what those four cars – in a not so great shape – were doing there. It is actually called Four Mirrors by Junichi Kuratake and the Nihon University College of Art. Those four cars will be polished during the whole summer session until they become mirrors. Then, they’ll take part in the closing ceremony.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Four Mirrors 2


Bengal Island - July 21 - Nazir Hossain 1


Nazir Hossain is a Bangladeshi painter who will paint all month long.
Paintings, but also bags, masks and more.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Nazir Hossain 2


I didn’t know which picture to post, so both it is. Please note that his paintings – along with most of what will have been created during the summer – will be sold on September 1st.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Nouka 1

The nouka models that I had showed you in the previous post on the topic. Their function is not only a decorative one. They are actually “real” nouka, except on a smaller scale. The main purpose of these models is to preserve the building techniques of those boats as they are in serious danger of disappearing, as there are less and less shipwrights knowing how to build them. If they completely disappear one day, the knowledge won’t be completely lost thanks to these miniatures that will act as three-dimensional blueprints to allow people to relearn how to build these boats.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Nouka 2

One of the shipwrights at work.
(unfortunately, I don’t know if this is Muhammad Abdul Halim or Vojon Chandro Sutradhor)


Bengal Island - July 21 - Nouka 3


Bengal Island - July 21 - Oza Metal Studio Takamatsu

Atsushi Ozawa at work in Oza Metal Studio Takamatsu under the interested eye of a Bangladeshi artisan.
It’s one of the things I find admirable about the fact that Bengal Island houses both Bangladeshi and Japanese artists. Despite the language barrier, I know for a fact that ties are being built and some will become quite strong over the course of 40 days.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Sponge Wood Scultpure

Gopendronath Chokroborti at work


Bengal Island - July 21 - Skin ProjectSkin Project


Bengal Island - July 21 - Bangladeshi Traditional WeavingTraditional weaving


[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


Bengal Island - July 21 - Weaving Weaving 1


The creation of Takashi Nishibori’s Weaving Weaving is underway.


Bengal Island - July 21 - Weaving Weaving 2


Bengal Island - July 21 - Sunset


(to be continued)




5 thoughts on “Bengal Island in Takamatsu – July 21st 2013”

  1. How do you turn the cars into mirrors? Just polishing till the pain gives a reflection?

    I like this post about Bengal Island. It has a lot of interesting craft work going on.

    1. Basically, you rub until it shines. This is how the first mirrors were invented actually, by polishing metal.
      I went back yesterday and one car is starting to show signs.

      Will you get a chance to come to Takamatsu this month?

  2. Thanks for the video! It was pretty cool to hear the music at the same time. Adds another dimension to the photos. ^^

    Can’t wait for more either.

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