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Asahi’s New Look


Asahi is one of the ferries for Naoshima.

A few weeks ago, it got a new paint job (not sure if it’s been remodeled inside or not).

This is what it looks like now:


Asahi Ferry for Naoshima 1


Asahi Ferry for Naoshima 2

Now to tell you the truth, I’m a bit confused.

Until recently there were two large ferries connecting Takamatsu to Naoshima (plus the small fast boats), one was completely white and a bit oldish, and one that has been refurbished around 2012-2013 and that was white with red polka dots.

As I’m not a Naoshima ferry specialist, I had assumed that this ferry here was the oldish white one. However, since I started seeing it, I haven’t seen the polka dotted one anymore.

So there is some sort of a mystery going on here at the moment.

I’ll keep you informed when I solve it. 😉


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