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Around Kasuga-Taisha in Nara


I didn’t visit the Kasuga-Taisha when I went to Nara for some reason. But I took a few pictures outside and around:


Grand Torii Nara


Lion Dog in Nara


Kasuga Taisha 1


Kasuga Taisha 2


Kasuga Taisha 4


Lanterns Nara 1


Lanterns Nara 2


Next time I will hopefully visit it.



4 thoughts on “Around Kasuga-Taisha in Nara”

  1. You got as close as possible without going in. I was there in July but didn’t go in either.

    I like the feel of the area in that section of the park.

    When were you in Nara?

    1. Yeah, we went to the front, but we were short on time, so we had to make cuts in our visits. 🙁
      I was there two years ago (I don’t exactly post in chronological order 😉 ). I hope to get back some time next year.

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