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Ai Yamada at Motif Gallery in Takamatsu

Today, I’m talking about art in Takamatsu but that is not related to the Setouchi Triennale. Well, not completely related, as I definitely discovered Ai Yamada thanks to the Triennale three years ago, when she had a mind-blowing installation on Takamijima. (and I realize with horror that I never took the time to talk about it here – that’s usually the problem with the Autumn-only islands by the time I get to talk about them, the Triennale is over).

So basically, three years ago, I discovered a young artist already invited to the Setouchi Triennale despite her age (mid-20s at the time, I think) called Ai Yamada, and I became an instant fan. I followed her on social media (You should follow her on Instagram here). A few months ago, I learned that while she was not returning to the Triennale this year, she would have an exhibit in a local gallery called Motif.

And I went there today.

I don’t think I need to explain much. Enjoy.

The series is called “I don’t need anything, but I want to go there.”

Ai Yamada Gallery Motif Takamatsu August 2022 1

(these smaller pieces are for sale)


There’s also a large installation that is breathtaking:


Ai Yamada Gallery Motif Takamatsu August 2022 2



I hope she comes back to town a lot. She has a fan in me.


I know a few of my readers actually live in Takamatsu, so if this is you, run to the exhibit! It will end on August 14th. The gallery is located behind Kawaramachi Station, right next to Archipelago’s office (on the fifth floor of a small building that also has a dance school and some weird private club). The entrance fee is 500 yen.


I’ll end this post with a few links.

Ai Yamada:

Motif Gallery:


And as usual, for my links, just click on the logo below:

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